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About & Contact

This website was part of an idea concocted by my 16 year old self. I thought about a way of venting my horological passion onto a platform where I could test my writing skills and interact with fellow watch enthusiasts. I hope to indulge in a series of opinion articles, reviews, guides and interviews. My aim to to provide a unique perspective on the industry; on Critics, Worshippers and Experts alike.

I first got into watches at the 13. I received my first Swiss watch at that age, having been awarded it by Rothschild bank after a presentation competition. That event planted a seed in my life, which over time has begun growing through my various experiences. I hope to be able to use this page as a means of sharing the fruits with you, the reader.

The page is well in it’s infancy, with my lack of experience in running a website clearly showing. I have no formal qualifications in journalism or literature and the content is merely an amalgamation of the literary techniques I’ve learned through my time in school. The style and format of the articles are in the name of this blog, a “Rant”.
As this website grows with more content and renown, I hope to be able to produce more succinct content, on a well organised website.

If you would like to kindly like to contribute or support to this website in any way, please email: