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  1. FB
    11th July 2017 @ 6:50 pm

    Really? Code41 is FAR from being the first Swiss company to offer affordable watches (and honestly, MIC watches are not great)

    For example, custom Swiss Made watches for only 380 francs..:

    Sorry, but Code41 is Marketing BS along the lines of Filippo Loreti and other KickStarter scams for “affordable luxury watches”. There are tons of “affordable luxury watches” out there, there’s called Fashion Watches, like Daniel Wellington and the like…


    • Deltachips
      16th July 2017 @ 1:00 pm

      I see what you’re getting at- i’m actually planning an article on tackling the topics you’ve mentioned.

      My point wasn’t that Code41 is solely offering affordable watches- but more along the fact that they’re doing it with transparency. As a buyer, you know what has gone into the production of your watch, and the premiums involved. This is different to fashion labels to usurp the prices of their watches exponentially. Code41 is offering a (relatively) nice looking watch at a (arguably) reasonable price.
      I did point out how Code41 is primarily focusing on it’s marketing as a means of getting the brand to lift off. The base foundations are the same to similar brands such as SevenFriday. They’re not necessarily going to stir the industry, apart from having a handful of people ask questions.


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