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Upcoming articles


Here are a list of upcoming articles, shown in no particular order:

Complication compendium: A series of articles talking about various watch complications, as well as giving my opinion on them. The first 2 articles will be on Minute Repeaters and Tourbillons

Brexit and the watch industry: My insight on what the aftermath of Brexit will be for the watch industry; in terms of retail, purchasing and watch brands themselves

Hunting for watches: Talking about the best ways to find alternatives to buying expensive labels, and the best way to find cheap online gems. As well as mistake people should watch out for.

Talking about the #watchfam: My insight on the online watch community, the good and bad experiences I’ve had and what I think about it as a whole

A status symbol of a “Man”?:  A discussion on the idea that watches are something a man should wear and the idea of buying “Status Symbols”

Watches in society: A series of articles that I hope will summarise my observations on the watch culture in various countries. The first article will be a 2-part series on the watch culture in Hong Kong

Horology as a profession: A series of articles that aim to provide a few pointers on how to get into horology professionally. The first article will be a piece on influence of watch design, followed by creating a start-up watch label.