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  1. Some words on watch fairs – WatchRant
    27th November 2018 @ 8:44 pm

    […] One of the points that Wei raised in his Baselworld piece and subsequent follow up is the awful experiences the show actually offers for media outlets, brand partners and visitors alike. I was warned that Switzerland is an expensive country to be in, but I had no idea that there was an actual conspiracy to rinse out as much money as possible from visitors to Basel. Restaurants and hotels hike up their prices to extortionate levels (in this case ‘extortionate’ might be too kind of a word) during the week and this is carried out in conjunction with the management of Baselworld. I spoke to a friend who apparently had their hotel booking cancelled a couple of days before the fair as it had been booked out to someone else paying three times as much. I personally ended up paying 127CHF a night to sleep on a bunkbed in an 8 person hostel room on the outskirts of the city just so I could be in relative close proximity to the fair itself (I checked the online prices for other dates only to see figures drop by about 60CHF). It probably would have been more cost effective to commute from Zurich each day but I ended up losing my money and passport for 48 hours before I arrived in Basel (which is another story). […]


  2. Ramblings of the editor: looking ahead 2019 – WatchRant
    31st March 2019 @ 9:27 pm

    […] so I attended Baselworld 2018 – which ended up as a roller-coaster of an experience; poorly planned in every way. When I look back at it all, I’m glad I went through the mess I did, […]


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